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Welcome from our Head Girl and Head Boy


Jeea Chadha


Hello, my name is Jeea Chadha and I am delighted to be the Head Girl of 2020-2021!

Although this year has been full of surprises, to say the least, it has still been a joy to lead the student body and fulfil my role of Head Girl. Although we have all faced various different challenges, it was wonderful to see how the College came together and continued to cultivate a collective sense of care, kindness and gratitude for all members of the community,  notwithstanding of course, the amazing academic successes from our student body.

Immersing myself in this role has been fantastic and, indeed, was a goal of mine for a long time.  Predominantly, I would love to empower the student body with a voice and new initiatives to help them succeed further.  I am grateful for this role of responsibility I have received, to do just that, as well as to help the wider community, not only through the environmental work we have been doing at St Dominic’s but also the many charity initiatives that are in the works, to provide fundraising opportunities to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

One of the core values at St Dominic’s is the focus on the personal and spiritual growth of our students, based on the foundations of Catholic Church. Our teachers and tutors support us and allow us to reach our scholarly potential, whilst helping us grow and develop in our own spiritual ways which is personal to us as individuals.  I hope that in this role I can help to uphold these values, reach even further successes and that we as a College can show compassion and love to the community around us.  For as written in Corinthians, “do everything in love” - which is exactly what I hope the St Dominics’ family can continue do.


Cathal Doherty


My name is Cathal Doherty and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our College.

When I started at St Dominic’s I was nervous as I realised for the first time in my life I would truly have to be independent, but I also couldn’t help but be excited as I knew this was one of the first stages to adulthood!

I had never thought or aspired to become a Head Boy, but as time went on and I started becoming more confident, I realised how good of an opportunity this would be for me, not only to test myself but to help others.

I was never an outgoing child, I was very shy in primary and secondary school but one thing I realised as I have entered my later teenage years, is that there is no time to be shy or scared of other people.    Once I recognised this I have been driven to do more than what was required of me, which is one of the factors which drew me to St Dominic’s.  Even after my first visit here I realised the fantastic level of teaching that runs throughout the whole College.  Coupled with a strong ethos and mission, it has the perfect environment to help me and fellow students grow not only academically but socially. The level of teaching here is second to none and even though the style might be different to that in which is found in secondary schools, it allows for great independent learning which prepares students for their future, whether it be at University, an apprenticeship or in the world of work.

St Dominic’s also provides a multitude of extra–curricular activities  such as sports, music, arts, drama and many other clubs and societies and in Year 1 there is  a dedicated lesson towards extra-curricular activities which allows even further skills to be learnt and new friendships made.

I am loving my time here at St Dominic’s and would recommend it to anyone thinking of joining this great College.