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Visual and Performing Arts

Our department strives to be inclusive in our enrolment policy and the support we offer to our students.  We are at the heart of the College enriching our community with annual talent shows, charity events, exhibitions of student work in Art and Design, performances in Drama and Music throughout the year and a comprehensive sport enrichment programme.

Student support is the key to maintaining our success, students are treated as individuals and as a result, the Visual and Performing Arts Department have the highest ratings for student satisfaction in the College.  The views of the students are sought every term in learner forums - an idea initiated within the College by our department.

We hold a VPA Careers Evening every year, to which we invite both students and their parents/guardians in order to inform them of the career routes and opportunities within our disciplines.  We keep involved with our local community through outreach Drama and Music performances, sports coaching across local schools and have project links through Art with Harrow social services, various galleries and art schools in London.  We have a link with the Courtauld University for History of Art who offer study days as well as an Outreach Programme for students interested in History of Art.

St Dominic's will also be offering places to talented musicians. If you would like to apply for a Music place you should email the Head of Music to arrange an audition

Subjects offered

Art & Design

Examining Board  Please click on the link here for the Eduqas website
GCSE Entrance Reqs

English - Grade 4, Mathematics - Grade 4, Subject - Grade 5

If you do not study Art and Design at GCSE, you will be asked to prepare a portfolio which will be viewed and considered for application to study the course by the Head of Art.

Please refer to the portfolio guidance document below for further information.

Unit 1  Personal Investigation (60%)
Unit 2  Externally set assignment, including 15 hours exam (40%)


To watch two films showing more information about Art & Design at St Dominic's, please click on the two buttons below.





History of Art

Examining Board  Please click on the link here for the Edexcel website
GCSE Entrance Reqs  English - Grade 4,4 and Mathematics - Grade 4
Unit 1  Written Paper - Visual Analysis and Themes
Unit 2  Written Paper - Periods: 'Renaissance in Italy' (1420-1520) and   Rebellion and Revival:  the British and French Avant-Garde (1848-99)

Drama and Theatre Studies

Examining Board  Please click on the link here for the Edexcel website
GCSE  Entrance Reqs  English - Grade 4,4    Mathematics - Grade 4
Component 1  Devising (40%)
Component 2  Text in Performance (20%)
Component 3  Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)


Examining Board  Please click on the link here for the Eduqas website
GCSE Entrance Reqs  English - Grade 4,  Subject - Grade 53,  Mathematics - Grade 4
Component 1  Performance, visiting examiner, 10-12 mins 35%
Component 2  Composing, coursework 25% 4-6 mins (2 compositions)
Component 3  Appraising, written exam 40%
Note 3  or Grade 7 on an instrument

Physical Education

Examining Board Please click on the link here for the AQA website
GCSE Entrance Reqs

English - Grade 4,   Subject - Grade 65 (5 preferable, not essential),  Mathematics - Grade 5,  Science - Grade 6,6

Students must have a strong sporting ability in at least one sport listed in the AQA specification ( pgs. 30-35) and be regularly taking part in competitive sport prior to and throughout the course in their free time, by being a member of a club or sports team. 

The theoretical part of the syllabus is split into 7 core areas:

1.  Applied anatomy and physiology

2.  Skill acquisition

3.  Sport and society

4.  Exercise physiology

5.  Biomechanical movement

6.  Sport psychology

7.  Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport

Assessment - 70% Theory to be assessed in two examinations worth 35% each

Written Paper 1 Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport.
Written Paper 2 Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport.

30% Practical - Non-Examined Assessment (NEA):  Students assessed as a performer or coach in the full sided version of one activity.  In addition, they will also complete a written analysis of a performance.


What students say (Student Survey)

The teachers listen to all the students’ opinions and take into account all their different learning abilities.

They make the subject very enjoyable and provide a wide variety of types of lessons. They take a very friendly approach to the students and listen to their queries in the subject as well as other aspects such as university and career progression.

I could not be happier with the support and the teaching in this area.

What Ofsted say

St Dominic’s 6th Form College provides learners from a range of backgrounds and faiths with excellent opportunities to develop their personal and academic skills.