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Students/Parents & Guardians

On arrival at the College, students join a tutor group which meets together once a week.  In addition, tutors set aside one hour per week for 1:1 meetings with their students. This allows for effective communication, administration and support. The tutor is the first point of contact for students and parents/carers. In addition, there are Senior Tutors who, together with support staff, form the Pastoral Team under the direction of the Assistant Principal. We also have a College counsellor who is available each week to see students with particular worries or difficulties.

The Careers Education and Guidance programme is supplemented by careers talks from external speakers, as well as qualified staff based in the Library & Learning Centre.  Second year students receive effective guidance that ensures an excellent record of progression to higher education. All students follow a PSHE programme with sessions on such topics as community volunteering, alcohol and drug awareness and staying safe.

Student attendance is high, supported by electronic self-registration in each lesson.  Each week the tutor checks the student’s attendance record since full attendance at lessons is a pre-requisite for academic success. All pastoral and academic information is available online to students and parents.

Parents and carers with questions about pastoral care or attendance issues should contact the Student Services Office in the first instance.