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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Run in a university style through 1:1 tutorials, this is a qualification that prepares you well for higher education and for employment. Just as importantly, it allows you to carve out entirely your own pathway and really follow your own interests. Best of all, the Extended Project Qualification is equivalent to half an A level and is highly regarded by universities as evidence that the transition from college to university will be a smooth one for students who have successfully demonstrated their aptitude for independent learning.

We have been running the EPQ for several years and have a wealth of experience and proven track record of success. Students can choose to do an EPQ during Year 12 and the project is completed as they enrol into Year 13, so that it can be used to further strengthen applications to university.

The EPQ consists of three elements:

  • An essay of 5000 words on a subject of your choice. It can be linked to the area you would like to study at university, or can be something completely different that you personally have a passion to study in greater depth. Some examples are listed later on. However it could be an “artefact” like a play, a dress or a piece of music – together with a 2000 word essay.
  • A production log which details the research that you carried out, how you evaluated your sources for potential bias or inaccuracy, a bibliography, how you planned your time, successes and failures, and finally a reflection on yourself and your finished project
  • Lastly a presentation of your main findings.

Some actual examples of EPQ titles that our students have produced include:

  • Can Cuba continue with a planned economy?
  • How successful have attempts been to combat the threat posed by Hepatitis B?
  • How does Irish folk music reflect the social, political and economic history of Ireland?
  • Is punk rock art?
  • Do violent films cause violence?
  • To what extent was the fall of Rome due to Christianity?
  • What is the best way to tackle MRSA in hospitals?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
  • Can science explain happiness?
  • Are ASBOs effective?

EPQ forms an excellent preparation for higher education which is why it is highly valued by universities and ourselves alike.