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Enrolment Procedure

Transition Days

Are held at the end of June/beginning of July for offer holders in order to provide pre-enrolment information, visit curriculum departments and to discuss A level subject choices.

Offer holders are expected to attend the transition days for pre-enrolment information as follows:

  • A photograph will be taken for the College ID Card.
  • Identity verification - Passport or Birth Certificate.

Enrolment Days

All students are required to attend an Enrolment and Induction Programme.

Students are also required to bring evidence of their GCSE results, these will be checked and recorded.  They also attend academic interviews for advice and guidance regarding the suitability of their individual programme of study. 

Students are required to complete and verify enrolment documentation and will receive information on how to access the learning resources, College mail system, student database and other facilities. 

Any student failing to attend the first day of enrolment will forfeit their place at College.

Offer holders are required to read and verify documents sent as part of their offer letters.

GCSE Results Day

Offer holders are required to inform the College of their GCSE results, these can be entered onto our system using the login details sent in offer letters, or via a telephone call or email to the College.