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Certificates are produced by exam boards and dispatched to the College in late October/November following the summer exams.  Certificates are legal documents and have to be signed for by the student themselves, or a nominated adult with written permission.

For current students, certificates will be held in the Exams Office and included in the following year’s certificates. 

For students who have left college, certificates will be distributed on ‘Reunion Day’ in December.  It is important that you let us know if you have changed address.  Any certificates held by the college will be kept secure for two years.

Certificates should be kept safe as they are evidence of qualifications at a later date. The College does not keep copies of certificates and cannot obtain them at a future date.

If you misplace or lose your certificates, you will need to apply direct to the relevant exam board or awarding body for replacements, for which they will charge a fee per certificate.  This is easily done on-line (website links and telephone numbers can be found below).

Exam Board website links are:

AQA    0161 953 1180  

OCR    01223 553311

PEARSON/EDEXCEL    0344 463 2535 

WJEC/EDUQAS     029 2026 5000