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Ancient and Modern Studies

The Department offers A Level qualifications in Classical Civilisation, Philosophy, Psychology and Religious Studies.  The AMS department offers a wide range of enrichment opportunities including the Classics trip to Athens, Conferences and lectures in Religious Studies & Philosophy, and Psychology trips to London Zoo and Bethlam Royal Hospital. The success rate on all courses is excellent and every year a considerable number of students go on to study related degree courses.  All of the subjects are increasing in popularity both at A Level and Degree Level. They are diverse and demanding disciplines that afford students the opportunity to think, debate and formulate ideas on complex issues that have perplexed man throughout the ages. Students learn many useful skills, such as how to evaluate, analyse, research and write essays, all of which serve as excellent preparation for a wide variety of higher education courses or the world of work. 

Subjects Offered:


What the students say (Student Survey)

Teachers readily help both in and out of lesson time, providing a wealth of important resources on iLearn and very useful handouts and textbooks.

What the Good Schools Guide says:

Teaching is good here. Staff are efficient and pupils warmly praise their dedication and care.