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Theatre & Exhibition Trips

Psychology Department Trips

We recently took A2 Psychology students on a trip to both the 'Bedlam' exhibition in the Wellcome Centre, as well as to see the play 'The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time' at the Gielgud theatre. 

The Bedlam exhibition was a collection of art, video and documents that gave insight into attitudes towards mental health 50 years previously.  Of particular interest to the students were the depictions of 'asylums' as mental health treatment facilities.  The students were fascinated by how out-dated some of the attitudes and treatments were, and how much we have developed as a society in our views towards mental health. The centre itself was very welcoming, and the free entry for students made it a very good value visit.

In the evening some of the students were taken to see 'The Curious Incident...' at the Gielgud in Shaftesbury Avenue. The students turned up promptly as asked and were a credit to St Dominic's in the way they behaved throughout. The play itself was fantastic. The students commented on how well the stage itself (rigged with LED lighting) was used to cleverly depict the inner workings of the mind of a boy with Autism. The night was a such a resounding success that all the students stayed for the post-play Algebra tutorial. 

Overall a fantastic trip. The engagement, curiosity and politeness of all students reflected and exceeded that which they show on a daily basis in College.    

Nathan Cook, Teacher of Psychology