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National Poetry Day

Winners of the College Poetry  Competition - 6th October 2016

Principal, Andrew Parkin was delighted to announce the winners of the College poetry competition for 2016.  Well done to first prize winner, Fatima Majekodunmi with Mahnoor Rao coming a close second.  The theme this year was ‘Messages’ and the two winning entries are printed below for your consideration.

First Prize - Fatima Majekodunmi - Year 2

Messages... They’re a strange thing aren’t they?

A text, an email or a phone call.

You receive them unexpectedly.

Sometimes it’s good news, sometimes it’s bad.

They can cause distress, heartache and pain.

But then some can make you happy, blissful and make your whole day.

When I read the letter I couldn’t believe it.

It tore my world apart.

I was devastated, couldn’t function.

And I blocked the world out.

Two words that stood out on the paper.

Two words that I would never fully understand.

Two words that would never explain why she did it.

Those two words that read “I’m sorry”.

That was the last message I received from her.


Second Prize - Mahnoor Rao, Year 2

He had a dream
Of justice, equality and continuing to strive despite being in strife

She revealed
That judging people left you no time to love them

He made a statment
Nobody can hurt me without my permission

She had a message
Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.