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Dom's Bulls Battle to Victory in AoC League

On Tuesday 13th December, the Dom's Bulls took on Saint Francis Xavier College in the AoC basketball league. This is the Dom's Bulls first time in the AoC league, but they looked anything but newcomers last night.  In the warmth of Harrow Leisure Centre, Dom's Bulls showed their skill, foot speed and strength to lead the match at half time by 17-11.  The opposition, for the majority of the match, could only stop our players through fouls, which resulted in one of them being ejected from the game. Despite the physicality of the game, Zargel Adap (number four) proved to be our man of the match, not only scoring the greatest number of points but also for his sheer energy, up and down the court, both in attack and in defence.

The match ended with a 41-23 victory to the St Dom's Bulls, with a strong team performance and great camaraderie amongst our players. We are now third in the league, behind two basketball academy teams, showing the talent that we have amongst our team.

Well done team!

Elena Synesi  |  Head of PE