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Wellbeing Award for Schools awarded to St. Dominic’s Sixth Form College

The college is delighted to have successfully completed (28 September 2022) the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS).  In his report, the verifier, who met with a range of stakeholders, said that these conversations demonstrated St Dominic’s commitment to wellbeing and its understanding of the links with achievement.  In his words, “This is a high achieving College but also one that cares about its students.”  Among the strengths identified by the verifier were: 

  • A strong pastoral team. 
  • Students being confident about where and how to seek support. 
  • The opportunities students have to talk about relationships and for self-reflection. 
  • Regular one-to-ones with tutors 
  • The College ethos which openly embraces people of all and no faiths. 
  • The variety of ways the College invites student to offer their views. 
  • The pride staff take in serving a highly diverse community. 
  • Staff who feel cared for by the College. 
  • Parents feeling well-informed and who praise the support available. 

The award lasts for three years.  During this time the college will be further developing how we share our wellbeing vision, what we offer in terms of support for students, parents and staff and how we can engage external partners as critical friends to keep us on our toes!  

Helena Shaw | Head of Core RE