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The Veritas Quartet

The Veritas Quartet, initiated specifically for our anniversary event, was an exciting collaboration of four talented musicians.

A string quartet is an ensemble comprising two violinists, a violist, and a cellist. Developed by Haydn, string quartets have been played at functions to provide an elegant musical backdrop. The string quartet stresses personal expression and a sense of conversation between the players. 

From our first rehearsal in May, it was clear that all of us had brilliant proficiency and control over the sound we created as individuals. However, achieving a deeper togetherness and more colourful musical expression challenged us. 

We chose a range of repertoire that we felt we could master. It was both fun to play and easy for the audience to enjoy. A particular highlight for me was Por Una Cabeza, a classic tango composed by Carlos Gardel. The lamenting melody is passed around the two violinists and violist, whilst the cello provides a syncopated and intense bassline.

To develop a stronger sound, we improved our listening skills, matched our articulation, and discussed the various characters and colours we could bring out in our phrasing. We felt this culminated in an engaging performance that guests could enjoy in the canteen and the Library & Learning Centre.

The event was a truly magical evening, and we are delighted to have been a part of it.

Please see our programme below.


James Goodrick-Green - Head Boy/Veritas Quartet





Veritas Programme