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Rugby at Saracens RC

On Sunday 22nd May, Vice Principal, Nicola Walsh and teachers Celia Coleman and Santheyah Suthakaran took a group of students from St Dominic's to an event at Saracens RC.

Year 1 student, Leesha Charles commented:  

"The rugby match on Sunday was a really enjoyable event and the atmosphere was great, especially since Saracens won!  

Before the match, my friends and I, were able to take part in playing mini matches against other teams, and we managed to win a few, despite only learning the rules of the game a few minutes before.

On Monday, we then had an opportunity to train with Saracens rugby player Mackenzie Carson who taught us a few skills about the game and we’re now all very excited for the next few sessions with her."

Thank you to Makenzie Carson and all the team at Saracens RC for making us feel so welcome.