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The Excellence Programme

Our Excellence Programme is designed to prepare our most able students for the academic rigour of university life.

Since Oxford and Cambridge Universities stand out in the UK as universities whose tradition and teaching methods make them exemplary in supporting this love of knowledge the programme also overlaps with the Oxbridge programme. If students are thinking of applying to Oxbridge we would highly recommend that they take part in this programme. However, the only requirement for students to take part is the interest and willingness to intellectually challenge themselves.

The programme is organised into 3 semesters, each reflecting different aspects of the intellectual life of a university. Over the year they become more specialised as students decide which subject/s they will apply to study.

First Semester – Critique: This semester will develop their ability to respond to complex and challenging texts which give a selection of some of the key critiques which our society faces.

Second Semester – Seminar Streams – Humanities, Mind (Bio/Psych), Math/Phys/Comp, Social Sciences: This semester will help students to practise developing and expressing their views on key texts within their broad area of academic interest.

Third Semester – Subject Seminars: This semester will focus on reading and critiquing texts directly drawn from the subjects the students are applying for. This semester will also help you to draft a high-quality personal statement.

Please refer to the PDF booklet below for more information on the programme.


Naomi Ross - Assistant Principal