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NHS Appeal

Millions of people have now received a Covid-19 vaccine, which is a safe and effective way to help fight coronavirus. 

The first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine offers a high level of protection, but to get longer-lasting protection everyone will need to get a second dose.  You should get the same type of vaccine for both doses.

It is important that you come back for your second jab when you are contacted, or if you have an appointment booked.

If you had your first vaccine at a hospital hub or through a local GP service, you will be contacted about your second dose.  If you booked your first vaccine online through, or by calling 119, you should have booked both your first and second dose appointments at the same time.

If you have any concerns, you can speak to your GP, go online, or call 119 for advice.

Find out more please click on the link here.