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Nymbani Village School in Kenya - Update

We are delighted our ‘trainer’ donations, organised by our Student Executive last October for the children of Nyumbani School in Kenya, finally arrived and the Foundation sent some photographs yesterday for us to see!

Dear Andrew

At long last, I am delighted to confirm that the trainers from the students of St Dominic's have FINALLY arrived in the Nyumbani Village, Kenya. 

The shoes were finally distributed to the students in the village last week, and the children are so grateful to have their new trainers. Many of them were even playing rugby in their socks until now. I've attached a few photos of Sister Mary and Sister Teresa when the boxes arrived at Nyumbani headquarters and the exciting day when the shoes were distributed to the children in the village.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Lisa Digrandi - Co-Chair Nyumbani UK and The Hotcourses Foundation







In late November 2020, the St Dominic’s family came together in aid of the Nymbani Village School in Kenya by collecting ‘nearly new’ trainers for the children.  We would like to thank first of all our Deputy Head Boy, Michael Mujuzi for overseeing this project, our students, their families and our staff for helping to make all this happen.  The fantastic donation of 273 pairs of trainers were received and shipped off by airfreight and we are sure the children who received them will be absolutely delighted - it is also lovely to think a little bit of St Dominic’s Sixth Form College will now be over in the Nyumbani Village School, all those thousands of miles from us here on The Hill. 

For more information on the Nyumbani Village School, please visit their website by clicking here.