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Barry and Margaret Mizen Talk

St Dominic's were honoured to welcome Barry and Margaret Mizen, who came to give a talk to our students about ‘The Forgiveness Project’ on on Tuesday 4th February.

Their son Jimmy was tragically murdered in South-East London in May 2008 and the couple have gone on to create a foundation in Jimmy’s honour, speaking to young people about the power of forgiveness, love and hope.   

Margaret said how important her faith was in getting her through the tragedy and how God had given her hope, replaced anger with peace and enabled her to face the future with confidence.  

Barry remarked on how ‘forgiveness is about not wanting revenge and not being eaten up with anger and hatred’.  It was a powerful and moving testimony to the power of God’s love for each of us and the importance of forgiveness.  

If you would like more information about The Forgiveness Project please click the link here and for the Safe Havens/For Jimmy Foundation, please follow the link here.