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St Dominic's 'Global Acts of Unity' Poetry Competition February 2020


St Dominic's 'Global Acts of Unity' Poetry Competition February 2020

Students at St Dominic's are busy writing poems of up to 400 words of any style or form, with the simple but provocative theme ‘What does UNITY mean to you?’   The aim of the poem is to interpret the word ‘unity’ in a number of ways, and whether they want to think about social divisions seen in the world around them or a global scale, or maybe even focus more on solutions than problems.  

Marc Gibson - Head of English Language & Literature


‘Global Acts of Unity’, was founded by Mike Haines in memory of his brother David, who was murdered by ISIS in 2014.  If you would like to read more about this campaign to promote peace and tolerance, please following the link here

"The only way to defeat extremism is through unity across all backgrounds and faiths.  Only by standing shoulder-to-shoulder, united against terror and hate, will be defeat the criminals and cowards who took my brother and threaten us all."

If I hate the people who killed by brother, they win.  I will not let hatred enter into my life.  I will fight to my dying breath against the fear and discord they seek to instil in us.  This is now my path in life. This is why I created Global Acts of Unity."

Mike Haines - Global Acts of Unity