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St Dominic’s welcomes top ITN Journalist, Julie Etchingham

St Dominic’s welcomes top ITN Journalist, Julie Etchingham

The 40th Anniversary Lecture Series opened today with a packed chapel as students and staff welcomed Julie Etchingham, ITN journalist and broadcaster.  In an inspiring lecture, Ms Etchingham talked honestly and openly about her Catholic faith and beliefs and how it is an important and integral part of her life today as a journalist for broadcaster, ITN.  In a varied and at times very exciting career she regaled the audience with her numerous fascinating experiences and encounters, including having the opportunity to meet both Pope Benedict in 2010 on his tour of the UK and more recently Pope Francis in Rome.  Ms Etchingham also talked about the very difficult subject of human trafficking and how this is a major global problem that requires more publicity.   Our Principal, Andrew Parkin said afterwards ‘Having the opportunity to hear about Ms Etchinghams’ faith and beliefs was really inspiring and a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about her life as such a high profile broadcaster’.

After the Q and A, Alex Mihaila presented her with flowers and she received a very warm round of applause from the assembled audience.

We were delighted to meet Ms Etchingham and enjoyed her talk greatly and want to thank her for coming to our College today.