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Women in IT

Beverley Tran - Microsoft

Beverley Tran's talk about her journey to her current position at Microsoft as a technical account manager was very enlightening. Her journey is not conventional and not what most would assume it to be.

It was not her degree that steered her towards her job at Microsoft, but rather her experiences in the working world.  For example, a programme she took shortly after graduation, based in China, allowed her to explore a new area of work in a completely new location and her previous job at Penguin Books publishing company that allowed her to organise events over the country.  What also led her towards this job was her focus on applying to roles that cater to her strengths and interests.  Beverley really wanted to find a position that allowed her to utilise her skill of talking to others. She then went on to discuss the flexibility and autonomy of her role, being a female from a minority in a predominantly white, male sector, her experiences and her contribution to a more diverse workspace- especially in the IT field. This was particularly insightful.  Her courage to take risks and experience new things-despite the unfamiliarity and potential discomfort and her drive to achieve more to fulfil herself, is inspiring and is a skill that I and many others should be able to gain and employ over the course of our careers.

Beverley's talk was empowering, not only just to women, but to everyone in the room curious as to where their career will take them. 

Shriya Bala - Student