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  • Open Day: Saturday 6th October 2018 9.30am-3.00pm

    Published 06/10/18

    We warmly welcome you to our next Open Day (for 2019 admission) on Saturday 6th October 2018, 9:30am to 3:00pm.

    Details how to get to St Dominic's can be found by clicking here.

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  • A Level Results Day - Thursday 16th August 2018

    Published 16/08/18



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  • Fair World Week

    Published 26/06/18

    Fair World Week - June 2018

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  • Cultural Day

    Published 22/03/18

    Cultural Day

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  • National Science Week

    Published 16/03/18

    National Science Week

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  • Sports Update

    Published 14/03/18

    Well done to our Rugby Team!  A decisive victory, beating Uxbridge College 19-0 this afternoon.

    Thank you to Nicholas Scott for organising this event!



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  • Trips Week

    Published 06/02/18
    St Doms Trips Week! The long established tradition of overseas trips and visits has continued this month (February 2018) with excursions to Iceland, the USA, China, France, CERN and Spain.  Many students have had the opportunity to travel to
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  • Student Council Environmental Group

    Published 31/01/18

    Student Council Environmental Group

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  • Mayor's Question Time

    Published 22/01/18

    Mayor's Question Time 1

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  • Congratulations to your new Student Governors

    Published 04/12/17

    Following a rigorous application and selection process, I am pleased to announce that we have two new student governors who will be in post for 12 months starting January 2018.  They are Temi Oladapo and Ali Reyazat.  Both students performed very well in the final interview and were up against a strong field of 6 shortlisted candidates in total.   I am grateful to all those who applied for this important position and look forward to working with Temi and Ali in the coming year.  Thanks to our out-going student governors too, Deborah Perdoni and Ababil Tahir who have done a superb job in the last 12 months.

    Andrew Parkin, Principal

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  • World Aids Day

    Published 01/12/17
    World Aids Day is where we remember all those who are living with HIV around the world.  To help raise funds to support the work of Aids Charity 'Body and Soul' students and staff wore red and bought red ribbons. 
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  • West Side Story

    Published 23/11/17


    A massive Congratulations to Abigail Gorton and all the staff and students in last evenings performance of West Side Story – it was utterly brilliant in so many ways.  Particular congratulations to Conor Fleming for directing this mammoth and challenging musical.

    The acting, singing, musicians, choreography, staging, lighting, sound and costumes were all utterly brilliant and all done in the beautiful yet very challenging space of the College Chapel.  A parent emailed me last night to say:

    "I just want to thank the St Dom's students and staff for a wonderful evening!  I came to 'West Side Story' because James was playing his flute in the band,  and the whole experience was lovely.  As I walked in through the gates, a girl walked towards me and asked if I had come for the musical. She then invited me to wait in the dining-room and was very pleasant.   One of the ticket / programme ushers was very understanding when I explained that I had paid on parentpay but had misplaced my ticket and took me to my seat in the Chapel.

    Then the musical!   I thought that the dance and fight choreography was utterly brilliant.  The Puerto Rican girls' accents were great.  Lauren's voice as Maria was stunning and I loved the character Anita too.  It was wonderful to hear the support the cast and band received from their fellow students in the audience,  and it was so lovely to see the buzz they got from performing the show together.  James has appreciated the way Abi is with the musicians, and she and they came up trumps!  

    I was looking forward to coming to my first St Dom's show, and I have come home very happy.  However, if there are any reports of a strange woman walking down Roxeth Hill whistling 'America' - it was me - I cannot get that tune our of my head!"

    A lovely tribute which captures the whole performance perfectly.

    A proud and wonderful moment for our College and a great performance that everyone involved can feel rightly proud of!

    A few photographs of the evening can be viewed here.

    Andrew Parkin, Principal




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