The Mathematics department offers Further Maths, Maths (Mechanics), Maths (Statistics) at AS and A2. Subject to sufficient demand, Decision Maths is also offered at A2. Numbers have increased hugely in recent years; with three further Maths classes in each cohort, we are one of the biggest providers of further Maths in the country.  The department also offers GCSE mathematics at foundation level for those who have not yet achieved a C grade.

Students are entered for the United Kingdom Senior Maths Challenge, and those sufficiently successful in that can be entered for the British Mathematical Olympiad.

Subjects Offered:

AS Unit 1: Core Maths 1
AS Unit 2: Core Maths 2
AS Unit 3: Statistics 1 or Mechanics 1
A2 Unit 4: Core Maths 3
A2 Unit 5: Core Maths 4
A2 Unit 6: Mechanics 2, Statistics 1, Statistics 2 or Decision Maths

AS Unit 1: Further Maths 1
AS Unit 2/3: Any two other modules not included in Maths from M1, S1-S (NB shortened)
A2 Unit 4: Further Maths 2
A2 Unit 5/6: Any two other modules not included in Maths from M1-M3, S1-S3, D1-2 or FP3

What the students say (Student Survey)
“Absolutely loved studying Maths at St Doms – by far my favourite subject. Might be biased about how I feel about the department because I actually enjoyed the subject, but I do think the staff are brilliant.”

What Ofsted say (2008 Inspection)
“The College is particularly effective at enabling students to gain confidence and achieve their potential “.