• The deadline on-line applications has now passed.

  • Deadline for religious references – 31st January 2015 (religious reference forms will be emailed to you 2 weeks after receipt of your application)

  • Deadline for academic references – 31st January 2015 (an academic reference will be emailed to you or your school) 


Advice for St Dominic’s student leavers taking a gap year and applying to UCAS 2015 entry.

If you decide to take a gap year and wish to apply to UCAS for 2015 entry, St Dominic’s can be your UCAS referee please see under the ‘student’ tab of the website for information.


Principal’s Welcome

prospectus 2I am pleased to welcome you to the St. Dominic’s website.   We are a 16 to 18 co-educational Catholic College, situated in Harrow on the Hill, North West London.  We specialise in delivering high quality level 3 courses, offering some 29 different A-levels and BTEC courses, suited to the needs of all our learners.

St Dominic’s has provided post 16 education in Harrow since 1979 and over that period of time has developed specialist teaching and support that is recognised for its excellence in the local area and beyond.   In our last inspection, we were judged to be an ‘outstanding’ College and has been awarded many national accolades over recent years.  The campus gives us a university feel and allows students to concentrate on their studies and to make the very best use of our superb academic facilities.

The two years of study post 16 are the most important of any to date in a young person’s educational journey.  Post 16 courses remain a benchmark qualification.  When students arrive with us in September each year it is my expectation that they will work hard from day one in order to fulfil the demands of their courses.   The support both in and out of the classroom is exemplary and providing the partnership between student, College and home are right then they will be successful with us and achieve highly at the end of the two year programme.  We provide all our students with the best opportunity to achieve the highest possible examination grades as well as to develop spiritually and personally.

We are a confidently Catholic institution, clear in our beliefs and values and the importance of Jesus Christ in our daily lives.  We are also welcoming of other faith groups and believe that our diverse faith community is enriching and makes us the very distinctive community that we are.  We give priority to students from our two partner schools, Salvatorian College and Sacred Heart Language College.  We then offer places to Catholics from the local area and to other faith groups who wish to pursue their sixth form education in a Christian context and who will support the ethos and mission of our College.

It is a tremendous privilege to lead this community.  Our students are hard-working, dedicated and ambitious for their futures and my staff team are wholly committed to achieving excellence for every one of our young people with whom they work each day.

Andrew Parkin